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Electric moped Karpaty Delfast will launch in a series

Ukrainian startup Delfast is developing an electric bike stylized as the previously popular Karpaty moped. However, in the light of modern trends, they want to make it with an electric drive, and on a modern aggregate base.

Delfast has become famous for its e-bike, which has an incredible range on a single charge (321-380 km). Last year, the company surprised everyone with a rather loud announcement about the development of an electric motorcycle under the revived Dnepr brand. And before that, all rights to the Dnepr trademark of the legendary Kiev motorcycles were transferred to the startup.

In addition, Delfast’s portfolio included the rights to the Karpaty brand. And entrepreneurs also have their own plans for it.

Now a compact electric bike is being developed, which will become the successor to the legendary Ukrainian Karpaty moped. It will get 16′ wheels instead of 19′ on the current bike, a high handlebar, short wheelbase and a moped-style saddle. In this image, the Karpaty, which will still retain the pedal drive, will be unified with the existing Delfast Top 3.0 model and will be focused on a different consumer audience.

The United States is seen as the main market for electrocarpathians. Of the technical characteristics, it is only known that the moped will be equipped with a 3.5-4 kW engine. The new vehicles will get a very bright coloring and will stand out in the traffic flow, just like their predecessors once did. But they will no longer be produced in Lviv (LMZ), as it used to be, but at another enterprise. Its name has not yet been revealed.

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