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Electric van Mercedes-Benz EQV turned into a motorhome


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The Mercedes-Benz EQV is a very niche product in itself – it is a luxurious and expensive minivan, but now it can be turned into a motorhome, making it even more unique. Recently, the German manufacturer presented the EQV camper, created in cooperation with the Swiss specialists Sortimo.
“If you have a wandering life that can be bohemian, then there is no better transportation-home than an EQV camper. The motorhome market is of strategic importance to Mercedes-Benz Vans. We want to continue to evolve and play a leading role in innovation and a clean future. It is clear to us that the future is with electricity, also in the motorhome industry! ”Said Mr. Klaus Rekugler, Head of Sales and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Vans.
With this announcement, the automaker has unveiled a new version of the Sortimo EQV electric van. The touring version will be offered for both the currently available EQV versions – with a 90 and 60 kWh battery and a range of 363 and 236 kilometers, respectively.
Using the electric van as a platform, Sortimo has developed special accessories that can be assembled according to customer needs. The complete range includes a retractable roof with a bed, a multifunctional box with a bed, and a kitchen unit.
The kitchen set uses a drawer system, as well as a sink, a gas stove with two burners, a refrigerator, drawers for dishes, kitchen utensils, and consumables. The bed is installed above the kitchen unit. The EQV’s full-width berth can be deployed in a few simple steps and folded down to create full rear seats. The camper also has a pair of rooftop solar panels providing about 400 watts of power.
Recall that the Mercedes-Benz EQV is based on the V-Class model. Its maximum range is within 363 km (WTLP). For a top-of-the-line electric vehicle, charging the batteries up to 80% capacity takes only 45 minutes. The equipment includes a branded multimedia system MBUX.
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