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How to post an article on a LinkedIn page

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Create longer content to build brand awareness

While the professional network continues to enrich the features offered to companies, such as the creation of newsletters or even access to statistics of its competitors , it is now possible to publish articles on your LinkedIn page. Initially offered to personal profiles, this option offers the advantage for professional organizations to share news on their area of ​​expertise or their centers of interest, through a longer content format, without being limited by a number of characters. , like a blog post. The objective: to strengthen the notoriety of your company and your employer brand with your employees.

How to write an article on your company page on LinkedIn

This feature is only available on the desktop version of the professional network. It is accessible to members and page administrators (super administrators or content administrators). These posts are shared with your connections and followers in their newsfeed. Note that if the visibility of your page is public, everyone will be able to consult the articles that you publish via your LinkedIn page.

Fill in a title, a photo, a text…

To create an article, go to the admin part of your LinkedIn page and click on Write an article under the post creation field (see the screenshot above). The page of a classic text editor is then offered to you, with the possibility of filling in the following fields:

  • A title ,
  • The cover photo of your article, the caption and the credit : the image format recommended by LinkedIn is 1280×720 pixels,
  • Your text , with intertitles (Title 1, Title 2 or Normal), elements in bold, italics, underlined, bulleted or numbered lists, quotations or hypertext links,
  • Images or videos , to illustrate the content of the post.

Good to know: some of you may not be able to add elements in the editor, such as the title. On this subject, LinkedIn specifies that: “ if you cannot click in the title field, it is possible that an extension in your browser is blocking this functionality. We know that Lazarus and Grammarly are two extensions that cause problems. You can solve this problem by disabling these extensions and refreshing the editor  ”.

Add a photo, video or link inside the text

To add iconographic elements, click on the rectangle-shaped icon accompanied by the “+” sign, located to the left of the cursor in the editing field (under the name of your page). A horizontal menu appears with the option to add images, videos, slides, links or a snippet.

Note that a publication menu is offered at the top left in the horizontal editing bar. It allows you to create a new article, access your drafts, content already shared, or retrieve the link to the draft of the article you are writing.

How to post an article on your company page on LinkedIn

Once your text is ready and you have chosen and adjusted your cover image, click on the blue Publish button , located at the top right of the editor. Rest assured, this action will not be immediately followed by the publication of your article. An additional step is required to select your privacy preferences.

To do this, open the Everyone drop-down menu  and choose between:

  • Everyone: everyone on LinkedIn and beyond (default option),
  • Target audience: Here you will need to select an audience to target based on language, geographic distribution, location, function, company size, hierarchical level or sector of activity.

You can enhance the sharing of your article by adding one or more hashtags, and select who can comment on your publication post ( Everyone or Nobody ), at the bottom left of the publication button. When you’re ready, click the Publish icon again . Do not hesitate to copy the link of your article to share it on your various social networks, and share it on your personal profile on LinkedIn in order to increase its visibility.

How to Edit or Delete an Article on a LinkedIn Page

There is no preview on LinkedIn, draft mode is the only way to preview your content before publishing it on the platform. If needed, you can edit or delete your articles and/or drafts at any time. All you have to do is go to the edit page of your articles, and click on the publish menu located at the top left. Select My Drafts or My Articles , then Edit or Delete as needed. If you want to delete an article or a draft, finish by pressing Delete (in blue).



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