IIS windows hosting vs Apache which is the best web server

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IIS windows hosting – An active website needs a computer that stores all the files and data. Further, it must have the software to process the requests and deliver data IIS or Apache. There are different options for web servers available for different operating systems. However, IIS and Apache rank at the top, depending on the data source. Hence, we shall be having a detailed comparison among apache and IIS windows hosting servers for you.

What is IIS?

IIS referring to Internet Information Services is the webserver released by Microsoft for its own Windows OS in 1995. By 2021, there have been 14 further versions of IIS, with the stable version released in 2018. IIS compatibility with the Windows OS makes it the best optimized for windows hosting.

As Microsoft releases the upgrades, it also releases updates for IIS. The server comprises services that include the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and the ones enabling the website management.

The latest version of IIS includes several modules of security, caching, filtering, compression, logging, redirects, and diagnostics. Furthermore, it offers you the opportunity of window Webhostingforapplications based on ASP, ASP.NET, COM objects, ASPX scripts, Active-X Control, and CGI. Furthermore, it supports the J2EE application via J2EE-enabled app services.

IIS Windows hosting makes the best option because it is easy to use and offers corporate support; a dedicated support team. Indeed, Microsoft ensures the best customer experience with the best customer support. Notably, you may wish to get the IIS hosting from the best windows hosting provider because it supports various languages and protocols. In short, IIS stands at the rank of the most popular web server after Apache.

What is Apache Webserver?

Apache or The Apache HTTP web server serves as an open-source web server application. Managed by Apache Software Foundation, it allows the users to edit the code to improvise performance level and the program development.

As for the customer support, the development and fixes are supervised by the user community and integrated with the Apache Software Foundation. Unlike the IIS windows hosting server, Apache can be used with any OS, such as Windows webhosting or Linux. However, users mostly prefer to use Apache in line with Linux.

I want to mention that Apache with Linux OS and the MySQL database, PHP scripting language makes the best and most popular LAMP Web server solution. Consequently, Apache makes it to the top of web server options. Apache serves a persuasive repertoire, including the features that aid in extending the core functionality.

The impressive features include server-side language for authentication schemes; Python, Tcl, Perl, and PHP. Some of the other Apache features include Transport Layer Security support, Secure Sockets Layer, proxy module, custom log files, URL rewriter, filtering support, etc.

Importantly, even if you wish to acquire Virtual hosting from the best windows hosting provider,Apache would serve you the best. This is because it helps the users with web page compression to reduce the size over HTTP.

IIS windows hosting vs Apache

With a detailed introduction to the best web servers in the market, now we shall hop onto a comparative approach for IIS and Apache.

  1. IIS windows hosting Performance

As mentioned above, Apache shares most of the web server market with IIS. Consequently, the fact endorses the web server for its performance. Notably, even if you join hands with the best windows hosting provider,performance optimization is vital to make the best of your server. Furthermore, Apache brings several impressive features that you may or may not need.

Hence, getting the best hosting services from the pros such as Hostinger may help you optimize the server as per your needs and preferences. Indeed, it includes eliminating the features and modules which are not needed that help improves the speed and performance of Apache.

Furthermore, according to the tech-savvy advice, the users can improve the hosted application or website’s scalability by hosting Apache and the Ngnix web server. The process-based model of Apache serves each request separately. However, Ngnix processes the static files efficiently and passes them on to Apache, ultimately reaching back to the client.

On the other hand, IIS windows hosting serves as the standard for handling the applications on the Windows server. It is well-integrated with the Windows OS .NET framework. At a level, IIS suffers from the feature bloat that necessitates the deployment of various modules for enterprise support.

  1. Support 

Windows is as vulnerable to hackers as it is popular because hackers spend a lot of time and effort to breach security. Due to this, IIS has suffered serious security risks with Windows Webhosting.

On the contrary, Apache has benefited from being open-source, which means that there are more eyes on the core code that keeps on improving especially concerning security. Therefore, Apache is considered to be safer. However, I would like to mention that no product serves you 100%, and there will always be chances for breaching. Hence, the security concern won’t make a difference to your choice between IIS windows hosting or Apache.

  1. Ease of use

Using windows Webhosting may be a pleasant experience for you owing to the user-friendly graphical user interface of IIS. Indeed, it is handy despite offering various features and services. Importantly, IIS seamlessly integrates with the Windows tech and other Microsoft tools, including Visual Studio and the MSSQL server. However, it won’t make a good choice if you seek to bring about a solution using a mix and match of OS and various features.

On the other hand, Apache is quite easy to use because of simpler and permissive licensing. The users don’t have to pay any direct costs for the license of use, its modification, and redistribution. Indeed, the open-source nature of Apache allows it to offer a variety of options to the users compared to the IIS windows hosting.

For example, the users can easily utilize different technologies with Apache, including UNIX-like systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. Furthermore, if you seek to change your deployment OS, Apache makes the best choice because of its portability across OS and tech stacks. In short, you can freely experiment with PHP, Python CGI interface, and web frameworks.


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