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What factors determine the cost of advertising on Instagram?

One of the most important uses of Instagram can be considered advertising to introduce a product or brand for it. Due to the growing popularity of Instagram, many businesses have entered this space and are trying to make their business better known. The question that arises in this regard is what is the cost of advertising on Instagram?

In this article we intend to pay more for the cost of advertising on Instagram, or perhaps it is better to say, the tariff for Instagram advertising, and examine the factors that affect it. Stay with us.


Cheap or expensive Instagram advertising cost?


First of all, it is good to talk a little about the cheap or expensive cost of advertising on Instagram pages and check that Instagram tariffs are set on a basic basis. Can we categorize advertising tariffs as cheap and expensive? In the beginning, it is better to look at the view that the cost of Instagram advertising is very suitable for any business, and at least in our country, it has not yet reached its intrinsic value. So, let’s consider that the cost of advertising on Instagram is not only not expensive, but also affordable with the profit you get.

To have a better understanding of this, it is enough to know that to rent a billboard on one of the main and busiest highways in Tehran, you have to spend about 90 to 750 million tomans per month. do. Sometimes these tariffs are even higher and significant amounts are paid to provide these environmental advertisements. So, as you can see, the cost you pay for advertising on Instagram is much better than other advertising methods, and of course, the return you get from these ads, provided you follow the principles of proper selection. It will be great.


Factors influencing the advertising cost of Instagram influencers and internal bloggers


With the advent of Instagram and its popularity, some phrases became trendy and widely used, such as the influence of the influencer and the blogger. It is better not to confuse these two concepts with celebrities because celebrities are people who were famous before appearing on Instagram, but bloggers and influencers have become famous thanks to Instagram. An influencer is a person who is active in a particular field of activity on Instagram and reviews what exists in that field of activity and field of work. Followers of influencers trust them very much and follow their opinion.

So advertising on such pages can be extremely rewarding. This is also the reason why famous and popular influencers receive a very high cost of advertising on Instagram. Bloggers, however, are people who have information and, more importantly, expertise and knowledge in a field of work, and in the same field, produce high-quality and mostly scientific content. Therefore, they also have an audience that accepts their words, and therefore the introductions they make can be very effective and productive. Bloggers, like influencers, have high advertising tariffs, which of course depend on various factors. Among the factors affecting the cost of advertising on the Instagram blogger page and influencers, we can mention the number of followers and their popularity and popularity, the efficiency of previous ads, and the type of advertising done, for example, in posts, stories, IGTV, etc.


How is the expense of promoting not entirely set in stone?


Regardless of what advertising method you are going to use to advertise. The cost of advertising on Instagram depends on factors and is determined based on them. It does not matter if you choose to influence the ads or the ads on the celebrity page and the ads on the popular pages. However, these factors affect the cost of advertising on Instagram for all these types of ads. So instead of telling you how much it costs to advertise on Instagram, we look at the effective factors for it. Because costs can change, there are fixed factors to advertising that you need to be aware of.

The first factor affecting the cost of advertising on Instagram can be express as the number of Real and Active Followers on the page. That the more followers there are, the higher the cost of their advertising. Your ad type can be post or story; You may consider it as a click or visit, in any case, the cost will be high. You can choose sponsorship ads or ads on celebrity Instagram pages or even pop-up ads!

In the same way, the tariff of Instagram sponsor ads will be different from the cost of ads on celebrities’ Instagram or Instagram pop-up ads. The bad thing is the type of placement of the advertising post on the page in question. Depending on whether the ads are in posts, stories, even AJTV, etc. Then the cost of advertising on Instagram will be different. Certainly, the tariff for Instagram story ads will be different from the advertising tariff for posts. Even the duration of the advertisement posts and whether they are permanent or hourly, weekly or monthly, affect the advertising tariff on Instagram pages.


Comparing the cost of advertising on Instagram in Iran and abroad


One of the things we Iranians always do in all fields is compare. So let us use this feature in this article and briefly compare the cost of advertising in Iran and abroad. As you know, there are different ways of advertising, one of which is the same ads on Instagram. There are different types of ads on Instagram and they are done in different ways, and for this reason. The cost of advertising on Instagram is different for each type of ad.

For example, the cost of Instagram sponsor ads is different from the cost of ads in the Instagram story, or by choosing Instagram pop-up ads. You have to pay different costs. Even the same costs of advertising on Instagram in Iran are different from those abroad and each has its tariffs. In foreign countries, because digital marketing is a well-established and accepted thing. Businesses have accepted it as a suitable advertising method and pay for it.

But in Iran, advertising and especially advertising in the digital world is less known and people do not pay much for it. But in terms of the cost of advertising done in Iran. Advertising is done at a more reasonable price compare to abroad and is provide to the customer. Of course, if we want to consider the low value of our national currency. Then we will see a big cost difference.

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Different types of ads on Instagram


Now that we have talked more or less about the cost of advertising on Instagram. We have also examined the factors that affect these costs. Let us briefly discuss the methods of advertising on Instagram and its types. In general, there are several types of ads to do on Instagram, which can be consider as follows:

  1. Ads in posts
  2. Advertising in stories
  3. Advertising on the pages of influencers and bloggers 
  4. Push notification ads
  5. Advertising on celebrity pages
  6. Advertising on the most visited Instagram pages
  7. Pop-up ads
  8. Instagram sponsorship ads

And …

As you can see, there are a variety of ads on the Instagram platform. You can use depending on the purpose of the ads and the return you need. Of course, the budget you have also played an important role in determining this type of advertising.


Conclusion about the cost of advertising on Instagram


Advertising on Instagram is one of the most important and main ways to earn money. The cost of advertising on Instagram depends on different factors and can be different for each type of ad. In this article, we tried to help you choose the right ad for your page by examining the types of ads and the factors affecting their tariffs. I hope this article is very informative for you.




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