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7 Reasons Why Rigid Boxes Are Advantageous for Your Brand

Product presentation matters a lot when you have to choose a product out of the crowd. Similarly, when you are designing a packaging solution, think like a customer. Choose the features that would tirelessly attract the audience. If you want to get luxurious packaging and you have a certain budget for it, rigid boxes are an excellent solution.

The manufacturing of these boxes is convenient and you do not have to go to different places. You just have to hire a sincere packaging builder that knows how to construct an outstanding packaging solution. Speaking of rigid packaging, these boxes are generally used for high-end products. To get these boxes, you must have a high budget as these boxes are expensive compared to simple cardboard or paperboard packaging.

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Fully Customized

In this era, having customized stuff is a core value of any brand. You can get rigid packaging boxes of your choice. These boxes can fulfill your packaging needs as well as create a sense of personalization. This is because you can choose every element entirely of your interest. In this way, these boxes do not let you settle for less.

You can get these boxes in various sizes considering the size of products you want to pack. As far as design is considered, telescopic and drawer boxes along with inserts are mostly used. However, you can surely give these boxes an enchanting look by creating unique graphics for them. For this purpose, you have different options of printing techniques out of which you can choose the most suitable one.

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Increase Your Product Value

Your product is your weapon and its presentation is your strength. The more competitive the packaging solution you use, the more value will be added to your product. From material to finishing, all features contribute in this regard. Rigid packaging is a great packaging option when it comes to uplifting your product’s worth.

The sleek impression and smooth texture of a rigid box greatly influence a customer’s behavior and he becomes ready to make a purchase. The decency revealed in the rigid packaging held the attention of the audience. Also, the brand name and logo design imprinted on these boxes are a sign of authenticity. Eventually, the customer will consider the product worth buying, and trust is built. In this way, you can enchant the audience with these customized boxes.

Unforgettable Unboxing

Rigid packaging has the potential to give customers an everlasting unboxing experience. Have you ever seen a hot black rigid container? You must have kept seeing it for a considerable time. This is how rigid packaging keeps the customers enchanted with its brilliant look.

custom rigid boxes

The process does not last here. Such classical packaging creates an emotional connection. The moment when the customer sees the product until he unboxes it and now it is placed somewhere in his house(even though the product has been used up), he gets a happy and memorable vibe from it. Also, these custom boxes are a better solution to sending PRs to bloggers and influencers. They shared unboxing on social media and more people get to know about the brand’s existence. This is how you can include an emotional touch in your product by using rigid packaging.

Materials Choice

A rigid box comes into existence when you join together multiple sheets of packaging materials. These materials are different and can give you different rigid packaging. The materials that are used in the manufacturing of external encasements are:

  • Paperboard
  • Chipboard
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Cardstock

Paperboard and chipboard boxes become quite expensive as several sheets (usually 4-6) are joined together due to which more material is required and later their manufacturing cost which is a bit different from each other. However, chipboard is considered more effective due to its smooth texture. On the other hand, card packaging is an inexpensive packaging option yet it is not considered as good for luxurious items. You can use it when you just need to deliver the product without branding.

Different Inserting Options

Inserts are considered a necessary element for rigid packaging. This is because they not only provide protection to the product but also create a professional image. You can use different inserts based on your product’s type, interest, and budget. These inserts are:

  • Foam core
  • Styrofoam
  • Cardboard inserts
  • Plastic inserts
  • Cushions

These inserts are helpful for many reasons. For instance, you can use them as dividers for different products such as vape devices. In this way, each element of the vape device will be placed in its respective compartment and symmetry will be attained in the packaging. These inserts also assist the brands to keep the product safe on retail shelves and also while transportation or shipping.

Eco-Friendly Solution

As paperboard or chipboard materials are used in the manufacturing of rigid packaging, these boxes bring no harm to environmental sustainability. The organic extract is used in the manufacturing of these boxes such as biodegradable stuff and wood pulp taken from pine or birch trees. Once you get the material, the manufacturing is also eco-friendly. This is because environment-friendly tools are used in the manufacturing of these boxes.

Most people consider it their social responsibility to get ecological stuff. Therefore, they pay great attention to the green factor while making any purchase. When you offer products in these boxes, you will become the preference of most people and ultimately your sales rate will be influenced. These boxes are highly recyclable and provide you the solution to recycle the old stock and later reuse them. Moreover, their material is easy to decompose as it is highly biodegradable.


custom rigid box

Rigid packaging is a packaging-end bing option for your products. You must get rigid boxes if you have enough margin in the budget. You can easily get the packaging solution of your interest as these boxes are fully customized. and get different designs and do creative artwork. Also, you can have one-color boxes as it creates a classical impression. Lastly, these boxes are eco-friendly and make you a sincere brand.



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