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Catnip: Why Do Cats Crave Noxious?

Visit any pet shop or boutique store and you’ll come across a range that includes catsnip games to play with your cat. Catnip can cause your cat to behave like a kitten and could induce them into an euphoric state. What exactly is it and why do cats react with such extreme rage?

What Is Catnip?

It is the Nepeta cataria plant which is also called catnip, is part of the Lamiaceae plant family. This plant family also includes herbaceous plants like basil, rosemary, oregano and sage. The family of plants also includes Nepeta Musinii also known as catmint which is also known to attract cats. It is a wild plant that can be found throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Apart from attracting cats, it has been proved to be a powerful repellent to mosquitoes. The stems, leaves, and flowers of catnip release aromatic oils that has an ingredient called the nepetalactone. This is the substance that your cat reacts to when they are reacted to catnip.

The Allure of Catnip

Cats often are attracted by due to the scent that nepetalactone emits. Nepetalactone is thought to works as an pheromone that binds to receptors of the nose of your cat or nasal passages.

Many cats, though not all, respond to the catnip. Certain cats can become aggressively excited, playful, or exuberant, while other cats may relax and calm. Effects of it be anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. When the effects have worn off, it may be several days before the cat responds to a second time. Some people refer to a cat’s reaction to catnip as it-induced high however there’s no study to prove that affects cats on a neurochemical level in the same way as mind-altering medications do affect humans.

Despite the huge popularity of catnip cat toys some cats aren’t able to respond to the catnip. Actually, as high is half of cats don’t react at all to it!

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How your cat reacts to catnip will depend on their genetic makeup. The gene determines whether your cat reacts to catnip and it is passed down through the generations. If your cat does not react to catnip, it could respond to different plants like silver vine.

Silver vine, also known as matatabi, is part of the Actinidiaceae plant family. It is located within the mountains of Japan and China. Cats who react to catnip be able to react similarly with silver vine since it also contains nepelactone, but it also has an aromatic chemical called actinidine. Actinidine can also be a cat attractant and the majority of cats that do not react to nepetalactone, will be able to react with actinidine. Silver vine is available or in the form of powder or chew sticks that are basically cut pieces from the plant.

How to Give Catnip

It is bought in several different varieties. The dried itcan be purchased in tubs and sprays that contain the oil nepelactone. It is possible to cultivate on your own in your garden! A tub of dried in your yard can help to refresh your cat’s toys. It can aid in the rotation of toys.

Toy rotation is a thing you can implement to create a stimulating home environment. Instead of leaving all your cat’s toys on the floor every day Keep a few from them inside a storage container made of plastic covered in dried catnip. Every week you can shake the container and mix in new toys when you take out older toys the house.

Dry catnip is a good choice better for reviving toys than spraysbecause the sprays have less nepetalactone. The oils contained in dried it will still be dissolving in time, however. Keep any dried that is not used within the refrigerator to prolong its shelf time.

Catnip dried from the ground can be sprinkled over new scratching posts and beds. This could draw your cat to play with their new bedding and toys rather than scratching furnishings.

Safety Tips

It is extremely secure for felines. In the event that your cat is able to get in a lot in it, it’s safe for them to consume. However, this doesn’t mean there’s no issues about catnip toys. If your cat reacts in a way to chewing, they might rip their toys to pieces and pull out the stuffing in an attempt to eat dried catnip in the toy.

If your cat happens to inhale any of the material or stuffing that was in the catnip toy and then ingest it, they could develop an intestinal blockage or foreign body which may require surgery. Cats who react violently to catnip could be more likely to scratch or bite your body during their play. This isn’t intended to harm you however, they could be more damaging than a swat in play or the love bite. If your cat seems to be overly excited by catnip, be cautious when you give cats the catnip.




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