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Electric Or Gas: Which Range You Should Go For?

The ranges that you come across today do a far more efficient job of cooking a variety of dishes than ranges available two decades back did. Companies that manufacture these ranges have made a conscious effort towards adopting new technologies and upgrading these devices from time to time. Once you buy a range, you will be using it at least for a couple of years. Therefore, while buying a range, there are certain things you must keep in your mind.

One of the most important things to decide is whether you should go for an electric range or one that runs on gas. Each type has its pros and cons. Before investing in either, you must try to get a proper idea of how different types of ranges work and the ways in which they can serve you.

Gas Ranges

Gas ranges are known for their ability to offer uniform heating. You can also have a look at the flame visually and control it as and when required easily. One of the reasons a large number of people opt for gas ranges is because of the fact that they are compatible with most oven cookware.

If you are planning to save up on some money, then investing in a gas range would be a good idea for you. Though these are more expensive than electric ranges, the operating costs involved in gas ranges are much lower. Since gas ranges are not dependent on electricity, you can expect these to work even when there is no power supply.

Most gas ranges are available in the market in two colors, black and white. If you are a first-time buyer, investing in an slide-in gas range would be a good option for you. Most modern gas ranges come with multiple dials and knobs that enable you to regulate the operations of the oven and the burner.

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Electric Ranges

When you decide to get an electric range, you get three options to choose from, coil-top models, smooth-top models, and induction-top models.

Coil-top models come with advanced features like an indicator light that keeps you informed about the coil heating element of the burner. If you invest in a high-end coil-top model, you will get features like single storage drawers and big-sized oven windows.

Smooth-top models feature radiant heating elements and are known for their self-cleaning features. The more expensive models come with fans that help in circulating heat within the device. Induction-top models come equipped with advanced features and use magnetic technologies quite efficiently. Instead of dials and knobs, they have touch-enabled screens.

If you do not have a natural gas line running through your house, investing in an electric range might be the most natural option for you. However, you must remember that maintaining a gas range is much easier and lesser expensive than looking after an electric range. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and you must arrive at a decision after thoughtful consideration.



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