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Is There a Way to Be Offline on Instagram?

Recently, Instagram received a feature that closely mimics most of the other chat and social networking apps: the ability to see whether someone is online on Instagram and when they were last active. Consequently, many Instagram users ask how they might seem offline.

This functionality is accessible for both Instagram and Instagram Direct, the app’s inbox for private communications. This may be incredibly irritating, as individuals send you additional messages just because you are online. As you’ll see in the instructions below, disabling is simple!

Your Activity Status will be activated by default on Instagram, and there is no indication or caution inside the app. As we shall demonstrate, you may switch it off and on at your discretion.

Open Instagram on your smartphone (whether it’s an Android or iOS device) and touch the profile icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Then, as seen in the picture below, you will need to press the three lines menu in the screen’s upper-right corner, followed by the Settings button.

Then, as seen in the picture below, you will need to press the three lines menu in the screen’s upper-right corner, followed by the Settings button.

Now, you will be in the Instagram account’s basic settings. The option we want is Privacy, which may be in the screen’s centre.

After navigating to Privacy, you’ll discover a variety of choices for adjusting your account’s visibility and more. Activity Status is the one we want to employ to seem offline on Instagram.

You will now receive a brief explanation that if you disable it, no one will be able to view your activity, but you won’t be able to see anybody else’s. Tap it to deactivate it if you insist on continuing!

To seem offline on Instagram, activate the “Show Activity Status” switch. When the toggle changes from blue to grey, you will know you have successfully deactivated this option.

Curiously, though, you will see that the “Show When You’re Active Together” option also becomes grey when the preceding option is off.

This implies that neither you nor the person you follow and talk with on Instagram’s messenger will know whether the other person is online.

Points to understand

  • If you merely wish to seem offline for a few occasions, do not worry. You may always turn this functionality back on whenever you like.
  • After activating the “Show Activity Status” setting, appearing offline on Instagram is a temporary feature. Just flip the corresponding switch on to look active or online on Instagram. Since turning off the “Show Activity Status” button disables the “Show When You’re Active Together” option, the other party will be unaware of your activity status. However, this will not prohibit you from texting the individual on Instagram.
  • Since you disabled your Instagram activity status, you will no longer be able to see the activity status of the accounts you follow and converse with. Consequently, you will not be able to verify the Active status of the other accounts.
  • A certain online Instagram user will display a light green button next to their profile image. You will also notice a timestamp indicating the last time the person was active on the platform.

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