12 Best Gaming Websites & Blogs Online! (Free & Paid)

Best Gaming Websites

What features make a blog or website especially well-suited for gaming?

Impartial reviews?

The answer is probably a blend of all those attributes.

The issue is that there are so many gaming-related blogs and websites that it gets tiresome to choose the best ones.

Because of this, we have your back.

Top blogs and websites for online gaming. Let’s start now!

It usually comes down to reviewing a few select gaming websites and review pages because few people have the time to search through every gaming website and gaming review page.

Which ones are worth your time? How do you decide?

Continue reading to find out!

  1. Guardian Games Blog

Both The Guardian’s gaming website and blog are essential, just like a broadsheet newspaper’s blog. It does away with the haste to release press releases and screenshots in favor of a more honest approach that includes research, interviews, and point of view.

The website is always readable and provides food for thought. The Guardian, the foremost liberal publication in the world, has the most recent news, commentary, and analysis about video games.

  1. Polygon

Like other gaming websites and blogs, Polygon was launched directly into the digital sphere rather than as a magazine.

Since its debut, it has gained popularity quickly, all thanks to its sixteen-person team of A-list talent, which includes former chief editors and significant contributors to other competing video-gaming blogs.

The game’s creators have focused more on the players and developers than just writing about the games. This is why Polygon has gained attention and continues to impact the video game industry today.

  1. GameSpot

Another website for gamers from around the world is GameSpot. The adage “GameSpot is to video games what Wikipedia is to knowledge” is also used by some.

The blog covers every aspect of the gaming industry. Additionally, it encourages forum participants to share their opinions, suggestions, and blogs, which is fantastic for all gamers.

Additionally, this website is well-designed and offers a wide variety of categories, including PC gaming, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Gametech, Offers, and much more.

  1. USgamer

The blog and website USgamer are solely focused on publishing news, analysis, reviews, editorials, guides, and viewpoints related to gaming.

It is so dedicated to its subject matter that, in addition to reviewing the game, it also goes back and plays it again after it has been abandoned to see if the author’s opinions have changed.

Additionally, this website has a unique feature that lets you comment on each paragraph of any post. As a result, it serves as the ideal forum for discussion at all times.

  1. Destructoid

There are a huge number of websites that only repeat game news. They are primarily absent from this list due to this reason.

Destructoid stands out as a blog for video games with a distinct personality of its own: it is sharp, sparkling, and never boring on purpose. Best websites for finding great blogs about video games and the most recent news.

Along with the video content, there is also a section dedicated to movies, television, community blogs, and other media.

  1. Kotaku

Kotaku is adored for its humor because its authors voice their characters without conceiting. You can find game reviews, news, advice, and more on the website!

Additionally, board games, gaming equipment, and other topics are covered by Kotaku authors. You can find game reviews on Kotaku’s youtube channel, which also features the most recent releases.

  1. Gamasutra

This gaming website primarily focuses on the industry & art of game creation.

If you’re looking for information and education about game development, this website, which all gaming professionals and enthusiasts adore, is an excellent resource for you.

Gamasutra also publishes articles on marketing, layout, programming, art, and the creation of video games.

There is also a special “Find Jobs” page where various game studios can post job openings related to games. Some large corporations, like Intel or Activision, frequently post job openings on Gamasutra.

  1. IGN

IGN, or Imagine Game Network, has been around for 21 years and is currently the most popular gaming platform in the world.

The entertainment industry and video games are its main areas of focus. Many people prefer this website as a one-stop shop for video games, TV shows, comic books, and movies.

In one location, you can read about the top video game critiques, articles about video games, gaming advice, trivia, and much more. The Guinness Book of World Records also recognized Imagine Game Network as the most popular video game website, which is just the cherry on top.

  1. That VideoGame Blog

Another multi-format gaming website is The VideoGame Blog, which frequently publishes articles that are equally relevant to gamers and those working in the gaming industry by looking beyond the headlines.

Although it’s a fine line to walk, this website does it exceptionally well. The clear layout and simple blogs make this blog a relaxing read.

  1. My Top Sportsbook

Online sports bettors can engage in responsible gaming and betting practices at MyTopSportsbooks, which serves as a one-stop shop. No matter the sports league or the type of bet, they are made to produce the best wagers every day of the week.

Users of MyTopSportsbooks can access in-depth sportsbook reviews and high-quality sports betting analysis on numerous sports betting websites. These reviews cover everything from bonus offers to sportsbook features to payment methods.

You can read MyTopSportbook’s sports betting reviews and start betting wisely whether you’re a professional sports bettor looking to improve your online betting experience or just a newbie. Simply put, it is the most reliable website for all of your sports betting needs.

  1. Gaming Debugged

It is regarded as one of the top forums for ardent online players, game developers, and beginning game designers. It was formerly known as Debug Design.

It was established in the early 20s and is renowned for its high-quality and specialized gaming content, which includes both mainstream and independent game development as well as mainstream gaming.

Game developers see it as a fantastic forum for sharing their graphics and other resources that can be used to create games.

  1. Extra Credits

Extra Credits provides succinct (5-minute) animated videos that discuss and illustrate various game design elements.

Without providing an analysis or gameplay framework, they offer an exploration of game design elements. Two industry professionals wrote the script, and a third person animated it.

If you choose to contact them, you can even receive tailored advice.

A Series of Interesting Choices

A Series of Interesting Choices, a blog about game design mechanics, takes its name from the well-known “Sid Meier” remark.

The preferred forum for a comprehensive discussion about the nature of mechanics with a focused but subtle emphasis is Interesting Choices.

Game Design Aspect

A wealth of knowledge and research is waiting for you in the game design aspect.

Although this blog is written for a more educated audience and some of the expressions get a little long, the insightful new articles about the craft of game creation make it an excellent resource that updates frequently.

Professional game developers and those looking to improve their abilities should read this blog.

Game Design Advance

The abundance of resources in Game Design Advance makes it a treasure trove of information for aspiring game designers. Podcasts, reviews, and assessments of the game’s design can all be found on the website.

If you prefer to hear information rather than read it, podcasts offer brief perspectives, while blog posts provide more in-depth explanations.

The 300-word feedback is a critical component of Game Design Advance, fitting a lot of information into such a small space!

It’s a Wrap!

Gamers now have more options for playing online, and as a result, other crucial aspects of gaming have also seen impressive advancements.

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