Are Tufina Watches Good? Are they handmade?

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If you’re looking for premium quality luxury watches, you may have scanned through a variety of brands promising quality. Before investing in a timepiece, you should consider a few factors which differentiate a good quality watch from poorly manufactured ones. Tufina is a watchmaking company with a reputation built on experience, integrity and quality. Their dedicated watchmakers take pride in their meticulously crafted timepieces. If you’re wondering what makes Tufina handmade watches stand out from the rest of the crowd, here are just a few of the reasons why.

Quality Materials for Every Component

The majority of the best quality watches are made of stainless steel, which can resist moisture and perspiration. Tufina handmade watches are constructed of premium quality materials in accordance with German standards of production. Certified and carefully assembled by hand, these materials guarantee authenticity and quality. Every single component is made of premium materials, such as the genuine cow leather bands, stainless steel straps or the sapphire lens. If you’re looking for a good luxury watch, all the timepieces from Tufina conform to the highest standards of German watchmaking, so you can rest assured your purchase will last you a long time.

Sapphire glass

A quality watch’s lens is always made of sapphire glass. One of the advantages of a sapphire glass is the fact that it remains clear even after wearing it every day. Exclusive for luxury watches, all the timepieces from Tufina are made with sapphire glass. Ensuring great quality and ultimate shine, these watches provide a polished look and the quality guaranteed by carefully handcrafted products. Tufina Watches

Mechanical Watch Movement

Tufina Luxury Men’s watches have certified mechanical movements. Providing high accuracy at affordable prices, these timepieces represent traditionally luxurious watches. All their products come with a warranty, guaranteeing authenticity and high quality manufacturing according to German standards. A mechanical watch embodies the feel and workings of truly luxury and high quality watches, something Tufina craftsmen value deeply, thus, carefully designing and assembling the mechanisms of every single timepiece.

A Gorgeous Finish

A premium quality watch always comes with an elegant and beautiful finish – something which makes Tufina luxury watches easily stand out from poorly manufactured timepieces. These watches feel comfortable on the wrist, but also look nicely polished and crafted with care. Every single detail comes together in perfect harmony, creating a fascinating timepiece. With Tufina luxury watches you won’t see any unusual bumps, loose indexes or other signs indicating poor workmanship, as everything is crafted with great care and attention to detail.

The Name and Heritage of the Watch Brand

Tufina Luxury Men’s watches are the legacy of an independent family business that has been running since 1828. Their name and heritage in fine watchmaking is an important part of Tufina’s luxury brand. Famous, respected and with a long history of producing fine timepieces, Tufina watches are symbols of quality and tradition. Always following German standards for quality, manufacturing, production and style, the current product line, featuring two collections such as Theorema and Pionier, offers an aura of prestige not found in lesser-known brands.

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